A new model of higher education in Azerbaijan
ADA University is a prominent institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs in a broad array of academic graduate and undergraduate programs. The first phase of the universityís campus core in downtown Baku included a library, student center, and the School of Business. The second phase included the School of Public & International Affairs. The design references the cityís rich architectural tradition while presenting a modern image reflective of the school's international programs. The campus also showcases sustainable strategies, with renewable geothermal energy and green roofs.

"The design for our campus reflects the design teamís deep understanding of the values and mission of our evolving institution, the international character of our programs, and the rich culture of Baku. Through his skillful leadership, creativity, and expertise, Steve continues to help us achieve our goal of developing a new model of higher education in Azerbaijan."

— Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev
Rector of ADA University and Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan
ADA University
Three buildings (first phase); 290,000 GSF
EYP Architecture & Engineering (2007-08): through Design Development, Steven Kleinrock, Design Principal
KSA (2008-2012): Steven Kleinrock, Design Principal
Landscape Architecture: AECOM
ADA University Campus Plan Phase 1: 2007-2012
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