A "welcoming, collaborative space" for exploring engineering and digital media
A major new addition to the University of Rochester campus, the Ronald Rettner Hall for Media Arts and Innovation is designed to inspire, engage, and connect students as they explore evolving concepts and opportunities in engineering and digital media. Selected through an invited competition, the design intentionally blurs the boundaries between the arts and engineering, fostering an environment in which imagination and collaboration thrive. Major spaces include the fabrication center and media arts studios, or "sandbox" area; the Grand Hall, a multi-level atrium space for gathering and interaction; a "play room" for collective brainstorming; and the "protective arm" of the east wall, a safe environment for risk-taking.

"Designed to be a hub at the cross-section of the study of arts, sciences, and engineering on campus, the Ronald Rettner Hall for Media Arts and Innovation will provide students in the new digital media studies major with a place to gain both practical skills and a theoretical understanding of digital technology."
— University of Rochester

University of Rochester
18,000 GSF
Goody Clancy & Associates, Architects, Steven Kleinrock, Design Principal, Brion Lipschutz, Project Manager
Brad Feinknopf
Goody Clancy
University of Rochester, Rettner Hall, Rochester, NY